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Customer Reviews for Iliza Shlesinger

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Love her!

Jill from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
11th September 2021

Iliza always has an informed opinion about not only first world experiences, but what events are happening in the world. Her jokes are relatable (mostly to women, and mostly to those in their 20-30's). She is very smart, quick witted, and self-aware. I have seen her twice, each show incredibly funny and entertaining. Her opener, Hunter Hill, is great as well. I have watched her Netflix specials many times and they always make me laugh. Iliza is AMAZING and I highly recommend her show!

Funny but dated

Jenny Portugelli from Orlando, Florida
22nd March 2023

The show was fun, but there was a distinct feeling of it being phoned in. If you are going to take the money from doing a special for netflix you cant tour 6 months later and use 75% of the same material...everyone in the audience has not only heard it, they heard it pretty recently.

Boobs and pregnancy

Roxann Kay from Oakland, California
5th December 2021

Lived Eliza back in the day and on Last Comic Standing, not as much these days. When half of your show consists of talk about boobs and pregnancy, it is time to diversity. Physical comedy and doing weird poses aren’t funny if the material doesn’t cut it. I couldn’t believe part of her show included riffs on homelessness and tents. To me there is no humor to be had in those subjects as it hits waaaay too personal and it ain’t funny.

Drunks taint show

May C. from Vancouver, British Columbia
22nd October 2018

Show was entertaining, including the opener, but the drunks were distracting and took away from our full enjoyment. We felt that Ms. Shlesinger’s current Netflix special was more articulate and relatable. I usually love her story-telling but perhaps the obnoxious and half-conscious patrons tainted it for me- why are allowed to ruin it for rest of us?

Eliza Slezenger’s October 15 performance Maroge theater

Larry E from Las Vegas, Nevada
17th October 2022

Very disappointed she just did a recap of her 2022 Netflix performance if I had known that I never would’ve bought the tickets

Not relatable to men

Nick from Nashville, Tennessee
17th July 2022

Almost all her stories and jokes were targeted for women. My wife thought she was really funny. Several of the women around me laughed a lot. I was not impressed. The two openers were so much funnier. Her voices and impressions were incoherent. Several of her topics were serious and political. It just wasn’t for me.